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Other Brands of Electric Toothbrushes

  Everyone has some specific electric toothbrush preferences and some have unique needs that match their own situation. As a result, you might feel a certain kind of brush head is ideal to match those requirements... and you'd be absolutely correct. But there are many other electric toothbrush brands that are just as good at the top two. The perfect Sonicare toothbrush replacement head provides exactly what you're looking for from an electric toothbrush. Now most types and models of replacement brush heads have some common features.  Mix & Match Brush Heads Almost every model of Sonicare toothbrush head is compatible with handles from all other toothbrush models. This interchangeability is a huge advantage. Many people in a family, for instance, can share the same handle. Alternatively, those who have diverse needs can snap on a different brush head to enjoy a specific advantage. There are some exceptions. Older models of brush heads that must be screwed on rather than snap

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